Renato Bruscaglia’s artistic activity is centered on chalcographic techniques, in particular etching, practiced and taught throughout his life. Some periods saw the practice of other disciplines; in the youthful period oil painting until the late 1950s and watercolor in the 1970s and 1980s, belonging to a more private sphere, rarely exhibited and in any case always, probably, a preliminary and preparatory element to etching. An important role is played by poetry, which he has loved and frequented since his youth, leading him to valuable art editions with well-known poets such as Volponi, Cardarelli, De Signoribus, to name but a few, and to collaborations with specific cultural publishers/associations such as “La Luna” of Fermo. This section displays a portion of the works that make up the complete archive located in Urbino at Via Veterani 7, which can be visited by appointment only. The most representative engravings from the various periods from 1946 to 1999 have been included, along with a restricted selection of oil paintings, watercolors, art editions and publications under his signature.

Oil paintings