Art edition made on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Renato Bruscaglia (1921-1999) containing four unpublished engravings by Renato Bruscaglia, Christian Cassar, Paolo Fraternali and Mattia Caruso, a thought by Marta Bruscaglia, two texts taken from the notes of Renato Bruscaglia and a note by Giovanni Turria.
Circulation of 100 numbered and signed copies.

Special edition in slipcase containing a copy of the volume ” Intaglio etching and original art print” and a folder entitled “To each instrument its word. Original printed copies and texts unpublished“, containing 6 original engravings by Renato Bruscaglia, drawn on Rosaspina paper 220 gr. from the Fabriano paper mill, in 100 numbered and authenticated copies. Four of the inserted graphics are examples of engraving techniques (burin, drypoint, etching, aquatint); the other two they are “Evening in the hills”, etching on zinc from 1975 and “Ponente bright” etching on zinc from 1997. Each engraving is printed on a loose quart showing unpublished texts by the author.

Quaderni della Luna 2019 Texts by Enrico Capodaglio, Giorgio Calcagno, Carlo Bo, Giorgio Luzzi and with four engravings by Daniela Cataldi, Robert Ralston, Renato Bruscaglia, Mimma Maspoli
Editions: Grafiche Fioroni
Edition of 100 copies in Arabic numerals and 30 in Roman numerals

Poetry by Umberto Piersanti – Engraving by R. Bruscaglia (from 1957 reprinted by edition)
Texts by Anna Cerboni Baiardi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Umberto Palestini Ed. Academy of Fine Arts Urbino – 2009
Edition in Arabic numerals 1/70 and in Roman numerals I / XXX

Pupil and teacher of the School of the Book of Urbino
Urbino Book School Editions 2009 Texts and subjects by Renato Bruscaglia – Prints made from original plates Edition in 80 copies on Graphia paper

Verses dedicated to friends – Introductory texts by Enrico Capodaglio and Silvia Cuppini
Eleven poems by the poet with nine etchings by various artists Edizioni Scuola del Libro – Urbino 2006
Edition with original prints of 130 copies

Edited by Bruno Ceci – seven texts, 23 poems and 23 etchings Edizioni Grafiche Fioroni April 2001
Edition in 99 copies in Arabic numerals and 30 in Roman numerals.

Text by Vittorio Sgarbi with an engraving by R. Bruscaglia (Violets in the studio 1952) printed for the occasion by Rossano Guerra at the Urbino Fine Arts Academy
Edition of 50 copies Ed. Degli Scalzi

A poem by Maurizio Marotta and an engraving by Renato Bruscaglia
Edizioni dell’Ombra – July 2000 Bodoni characters
Edition of 110 numbered copies

Celebration folder printed on the occasion of the gallery’s celebratory exhibition
Engravings by D. Baiocco – R. Bruscaglia – A. Forgioli – W. Tulli – C. Catelli – F. Vaccarone – R. Savinio with prologue by Elena Pontiggia – Centofiorini Editions – 3 October 1999
Edition of 50 copies in Arabic numerals and 20 in Roman numerals –

Giorgio Londei presentation – Renato Bruscaglia etching dated 1941
(Monastero Santa Chiara new edition performed by Giuliano Santini)

Thirty-seven poems by Adriano Gattucci with a note by Carlo Bo and four engravings by R. Bruscaglia
Ed. By the press center of the University of Urbino in 1999 Edition of 135 copies with original engravings in copies numbered I / XV and 1/120 Edition without original prints in 465 copies

Art edition created on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts
Works of the directors from 1967 to 1997 (Bruscaglia – Pozzati – Battistoni – Marchegiani -Bompadre – Ferraris) Introductory text by Cristina Marabini
Edition of 100 copies in Arabic numerals and 20 in Roman numerals – 1997

Writings, poems and engravings for the celebratory edition of the eighty years of Carlo Ceci 1997
Ed. By the University of Urbino – Stamperia dell’arte gf Urbino
Edition of 100 copies

A poem by Charles Tomlinson (Trebiano) and an etching by Renato Bruscaglia (Landscape)
Grafiche Fioroni edition by E.De Signoribus 1997 Edition of 500 copies – the first 100 contain an original etching by the artist on Archés paper

Poetry by Guillaume Apollinaire – Acqueforti by R. Bruscaglia (Serena evening for C. 1994), E. Della Torre, Alberto Manfredi – Text by Luigi Dania Edizioni Alessandro Piras 1996

Poems by E. de Signoribus and 14 etchings by A. Ciarrocchi, R. Bruscaglia, S.Trotti, O. Pierleoni, A. Pirri, R. Rossi, R. Piccardoni, A. Sanchini, P. Capozucca, G. Beato, S. Pazzi, A. Bartolomeoli, V. Bou Kheir, A. Cartuccia.
Fioroni Graphic Editions December 1996

Two unpublished poems by Neuro Bonifazi with an etching by Renato Bruscaglia
Arte Club Pesaro Editions – December 1995 Edition: 110 copies from 1 to 99 and I / XI

A writing and an etching (Case all’orizzonte 1984)
Bon ‘a tirer Edizioni Udine 1995 – Edition in Arabic numerals 1/70 and Roman numerals I / X

Curated by Luigi Dania 1994 Trifalco Art Gallery, Rome
Box with texts by 19 poets and original etchings by 11 artists.
Edition in 150 copies

from “Il cielo sulla città” with two engravings by R. Bruscaglia dated 1969
Centofiorini Editions – Civitanova Marche Alta 1992
Print run by Bruscaglia: 75 copies in Arabic numerals – 20 copies in Roman numerals

Art folder with etchings by twelve authors Edizioni Il Ponte – Stamperia il Ponte di Milano 1991 Edition of 230 copies, numbered from 1 to 200 in Arabic numerals and from I to XXX in Roman numerals for the authors

Folder with twelve original graphics accompanying the Book for Carlo Bo
Twelve original graphic works, numbered and signed with a note from the Editor
Circulation: 240 copies 180 in Arabic numerals and 60 out of commerce, 36 of which in Roman numerals

Poem in Italian and English text opposite (trad. RCTrevelyan) – an etching by R. Bruscaglia
Editions of Buon Tempo Milano August 1991 Edition in 66 copies

Thoughts for friendly artists with two etchings by R.Bruscaglia (The wind of farewells and Arenile selvatico – 1990) and two by R.Rossi Edizioni L’Astrogallo 1991

Poems by Amedeo Giacomini – Etchings by Renato Bruscaglia dated 1990
Bon ‘a tirer Udine 1991 Editions – Edition only in Arabic numbers 1/150

Editions of the Pergola of Pesaro on behalf of the Provincial Administration of Pesaro / Urbino
Art folder with five original lithographs by: R.Bruscaglia – F. Fiorucci – M.Logli -N. Naponelli – P. Piccinetti
Edition: 150 copies in Arabic numerals and 25 in Roman numerals – October 1990

N. 1 literary expedient – Strenna 1990
By Ercole Bellucci with an engraving by Renato Bruscaglia
Edition: 150 numbered copies

edited by Ercole Bellucci with a note by Carlo Bo and 12 prints by contemporary artists
STIBU Editions Il Colle 1988
Circulation: 250 copies in Arabic numerals and 50 in Roman numerals

Introduction by Luigi Dania – Five poems by Licini and seven original etchings by Giovanni Beato, Renato Bruscaglia, Fausto Luzi, Piergiorgio Spallacci, Roberto Stelluti, Walter Valentini, Luigi Veronesi
Edition: 90 in Arabic numerals, 35 in Roman numerals, 10 initialed from 1 to 10 (FC) La Pergola Pesaro 1988 Editions

Paolo Volponi: Termini – Renato Bruscaglia: The shadow ear
Flaminia Publishing of Pesaro 1987
Edition: 99 copies in Arabic numerals and 30 in Roman numerals

A page from Plato with an introduction by Giovanni Cerri and an engraving by Renato Bruscaglia
Editions: the notebooks of the scorpion Urbania 1985 Bramante Tipolitographical Establishment
Circulation: 100 copies – from 1 to 100 in Arabic numerals

Text by Paolo Volponi with three engravings by Renato Bruscaglia
STIBU Il Colle Editions 1985
Edition: 350 copies from 1 to 300 in Arabic numerals and from I to L in Roman numerals

Three original screen prints by Giorgio Bompadre, Renato Bruscaglia and Elio Marchegiani
Texts by Carlo Bo and Mario Ramous
Edition of the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino – 1984

Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art Arezzo – 1984
Edition: 50 copies in Roman numerals and 5 in Arabic numerals reserved for the artist

Poems by Adriano Gattucci with a note by G. Baiardi and six engravings by Renato Bruscaglia
Alberto Ribighini Editions – Castelplanio – 1978
Edition: 125 copies in Arabic numerals and 15 in Roman numerals

Marisa Zoni and Renato Bruscaglia – presentations by Paolo Volponi
Six poems by M.Zoni and five etchings by R. Bruscaglia
La Pergola Pesaro Publishing 1974
Edition: 50 copies in Arabic numerals and 25 in Roman numerals

Unique works out of commerce (reproductions) by G. Omiccioli – N. Gulino – F. Gentilini -A. Ciarrocchi – R. Bruscaglia – G. Migneco

Verses by Virgilio Guidi with three original etchings by R.Bruscaglia, A.Bartolomeoli, W.Piacesi, Unknowns from the 19th century.
Bucciarelli Ancona Editions

Text by Giuseppe Dessì with 4 engravings by Renato Bruscaglia and a note by Claudio Varese
Publishing house Posterula Urbino 1970
Edition: 150 copies of which 120 in Arabic numerals and 30 in Roman numerals

Lyrics in French by Sofia Locatelli with 3 original etchings by Renato Bruscaglia
Ed .: STEU Urbino 1967
Edition: 100 copies in Roman numerals

Presentation by Valerio Volpini – Engravings by L.Castellani, D. Cantatore, Bruno Saetti, R.Bruscaglia, A.Battistoni, W. Piacesi, P. Spallacci. – Prod .: Shell Sport Cultural Section Genoa 1966
Edition: 100 copies in Arabic numerals – 20 in Roman numerals – Biffed plates

Two folio folders (500 × 350 mm) in canvas within editorial boxes containing 50 original signed and numbered etchings (48 etchings and 2 drypoint, text by Marco Valsecchi) published in 1963 by Prandi, Reggio Emilia). The edition consists of 75 copies numbered in Arabic numerals and 5 out of print copies marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E

Collection of various articles and original engravings by Leonardo Castellani
Ordinary edition: 200 copies – Edition with signed originals: 50 copies